The rise of Decibel House Rehearsal Studio was fuelled by the poor quality of other facilities in the city.
Other than sub par cleanliness, friendliness, and equipment in a state of the disrepair, the biggest problem with rehearsal spaces is the lack of sound isolation. Imagine booking a room to then spend three hours being drowned out  by the neighbouring band, your only recourse being to play your music at ridiculous volumes just to hear yourself.
We believe music is felt and experienced by your whole body, not just the ears. It needs the right setting to be fully expressed and enjoyed.
Decibel House wanted to facilitate the musician’s need to carve and sculpt their sound without any outside distractions. It is for this reason that our rooms are isolated from each other. They're also stacked with the best equipment that money can buy to further improve the experience and the vibe.
We went to the extent of installing acoustically insulated and coiled air ducts to minimize the transfer of sound between rooms, not to mention room within a room construction with decoupled surfaces and floating floors.
We wanted to replicate the feeling of rehearsing in an acoustically calibrated studio, with optimal frequency response and isolation from the outside. Our rooms range from complete isolation to about 75% isolation. This compares with under 5% isolation in other rehearsal facilities.
Since 2008, we have been perfecting our craft to deliver an unsurpassed experience to all artists that come through our doors.